We at Miracle Industries are committed to doing all we can to improve the pizza-making industry in Kenya and Africa with our Haraka Oven. With this revolutionary new product every restaurant, bar, hotel, school, home or event can make and sell pizzas without any hassle or expensive equipment! With the Haraka Oven, pizza becomes a simple do-it-yourself industry. We know pizza and we deliver a complete solution. Invest in a Haraka Oven and change the way you operate in the kitchen.


Miracle Industries in Lions Den

As seen on Lions Den Season 3 Episode 7...

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Mattias at 0746-61 88 49 or email: mattias@miracle.co.ke

Haraka Oven

A Better Pizza

In Less Time

With A Better Oven!

Don’t settle for anything else, buy the original!
Trust is everything


Haraka Oven signals new times for pizzerias and restaurants, respecting the environment, with a modern and dynamic design, all without changing the quality of the pizza. The oven, being gas, avoids the inconveniences of firewood, such as humidity, bad smell, dirt, bugs and space.