Haraka Oven

The future in making pizza is here and it is called Haraka Oven. With this new innovation you will be able to make pizzas without needing to have pre knowledge on how to make pizza. We will give you all the equipment and information on how to make pizza. No need for extra staff to operate the oven, no need to know how to make pizza dough, sauce or what to put at the pizza as the topping. We will deliver all this information so that you can start immediately.

Haraka Oven

A Better Pizza

In Less Time

With A Better Oven!

Don’t settle for anything else, buy the original!
Trust is everything


Haraka Oven signals new times for pizzerias and restaurants, respecting the environment, with a modern and dynamic design, all without changing the quality of the pizza. The oven, being gas, avoids the inconveniences of firewood, such as humidity, bad smell, dirt, bugs and space.