The greatest advantage of the Haraka Oven is that it produces pizzas with the same characteristics, presentation and quality as pizza produced in a wood fired pizza oven.

» Ready to operate in 15 minutes
» No need of firewood.
» Allows lower and upper temperature control.
» High temperature reaches up to 550ºC.
» Low gas consumption; 450g / h – LPG.
» Runs on gas and is therefore ecological.
» Weighs only 37kg.
» Easily transportable.
» Takes up very little space (60 cm in diameter).
» Makes a pizza in 1.5 -2 minutes (depending on the thickness of the crust ).
» Produces a uniformly cooked pizza.
» Maintains a rigorous standard of production and quality.
» Does not require specialized labour, reducing operating costs.
» A single operator can operate 3 to 4 ovens, streamlining production.
» Ensures hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen.
» Equipped with safety device and stand-by position.

 Haraka Oven vs Wood Fired Oven


Wood Fired Oven

Haraka Oven


Large oven plus firewood takes substantial space

Smaller space, each oven occupies only 700 x 700 mm


Firewood pollutes the environment.  Wood can also come dirty, moist and smelly.

Cleaner, healthier environment


Cannot be installed in certain regions and places such as: flats, buildings and etc. Requires a very expensive filtration systems for use.

Can be installed wherever gas is allowed.


Professional skills and  qualification  required to operate.

Easily operated. Does not require specialized labor.


Requires 2 to 3 hours to warm up.

Reaches working temperature within 15 minutes


Must be fed firewood constantly  to maintain working temperature

Has a “stand by" point for low demand intervals.   Working temperature is thus maintained with minimum consumption of gas.


Cannot be moved or repositioned.

Light and transportable, easily relocated or traveled to events.


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Haraka Oven

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Haraka Oven signals new times for pizzerias and restaurants, respecting the environment, with a modern and dynamic design, all without changing the quality of the pizza. The oven, being gas, avoids the inconveniences of firewood, such as humidity, bad smell, dirt, bugs and space.