About Us

Miracle Industries Ltd

We are a new and upcoming company one the Kenyan and African market and we are committed to make changes in how people enjoy Pizza. With our new product Haraka oven every place can make and sell pizzas and not just pizzas, pizzas that will have the same characteristics a pizza made in a big wood fired pizza oven. The Haraka Oven will only take 70 mm x 70 mm work space and

How will we change Kenya and Africa?

Haraka Oven basic is the first product we have released in Africa. We will come up with more innovative products to help modernize Kenya and Africa

Haraka Oven

A Better Pizza

In Less Time

With A Better Oven!

Don’t settle for anything else, buy the original!
Trust is everything


Haraka Oven signals new times for pizzerias and restaurants, respecting the environment, with a modern and dynamic design, all without changing the quality of the pizza. The oven, being gas, avoids the inconveniences of firewood, such as humidity, bad smell, dirt, bugs and space.